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The Food Bridge vzw and its partners will be organizining the 6th edition of the African Diaspora Agrofood Forum. The theme for this 2022 edition is Investment, Trade and Transformative Development.

Diaspora entrepreneurs are unique achievers. They are unique in the sense that  they have no dedicated framework for support from Africa or the international resources managers such as global agencies, financial institutions and  even NGOs . Yet, most of them have been relying on their own resources and skills to build up entrepreneurial projects.

With the world still struggling to ameliorate the impact of the covid pandemic on the global economy, Africa needs the input of all stakeholders to help the continent boolster  it’s already fragile economy and strengthen the socio-economic development of its people especially in rural areas. Thus having a huge population of youths, the envisioned growth of Africa’s economy needs to be fast tracked with the implementation of policies that give more support to entrepreneurs and the private sector.

African Diaspora entrepreneurs investment of personal funds in the private sector, beyond the usual remittances is a development that needs more recognition and support. Favorable policies by governments, accessibility of funds from financial institutions and ability to trade in favourable conditions in international markets, are a necessity to encourage the continuous  input of African diaspora expertise and resouces for economic projectsin the continent.

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In 2018 the Food Bridge vzw started the Food Heritage Project in the East and middle belt of Nigeria. The aim of the project is to motivate and support farmers to grow organic indigenous crops, especially healthy species that are rare or in danger of extinction. Artisanal producers of indigenous food products are also part of this project. After the pilot stages; collecting seedlings and planting, learning from all the challenges, the project is now fully in operation in the 2 areas.

From this year's harvest in Nigeria, the project now has organic crops being sold directly to consumers. Some of the crops and food products include yellow yam, water yam, bitter yam, white yam, fonio, guinea corn, millet, cocoyams, beans, palm oil, egusi,  ogiri and other food products.

The plan is to expand the project in Nigeria and  start another phase of the project in Ghana in 2022. We will be working with rural women farmers in the eastern region of Ghana.
To make the new phase of the project successful, we also need support. You can support the project by buying products in  Nigeria ( Contact local coordinator on Whatsapp 234 816 689 2206) or make a donation to the project :

Food Bridge vzw
BNP Paribas Fortis
IBAN: BE33 0017 5988 5346
Communication: Food Heritage Project

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The Helping Hand Project

In collaboration with Kwabre Ne Sekyere Belgium,Mfantesman vzw,Voice of Women International, Kente FM and other African organizations, we are organizing "The Helping Hand project",is an action started in 2016, aimed at feeding the homeless in the Brussels area. We are in need of volunteers to help with the cooking, packing and distribution of food to the homeless and needy. We are also still looking for sponsors for this project. We do not accept funds but prefer sponsorship in the form of donations of desired food items, food packaging materials. if you are interested in giving a helping hand, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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