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The 4th edition of the 2020 African Diaspora Agrofood forum, due to the covid restrictions will now be an online event. The event will be on Friday 11th September 2020 from 10am to 4pm. The exhibition fair which holds on the second day of the forum has been cancelled. 

The theme for this 4th edition of the forum is Land, People and Markets; building a sustainable and inclusive agrofood sector

The 2020 African Diaspora agrofood forum has speakers with expertise in different sections of the agrofood sector and related fields including policy makers, agrofood entrepreneurs, investment experts and  researchers. The first panel will focus on The African Agrofood sector in a changing world. This panel will be moderated by Ms Yentyl Williams, expert in EU trade and investment in developing economies and Founder & Director ACP YPN. The panelists in this opening session are ;

Mr. Koen Es, Director Public Services Meise Botanic Garden Belgium

Dr. Escipion Oliveira Gomes, Assistant Secretary-General Department of Sustainable Economic Development and Trade, Organisation of ACP States 

Mr. Jedidiah R. Adogla, Deputy Head of Mission  Embassy of Ghana to the Kingdom of Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the EU

Mr. Jeremy Knops, Delegate General COLEACP

Ms. Giulia Castro, Migration and Rural Employment Specialist FAO

Mr. Viwanou Gnassounou, Entrepreneur, Expert Consultant Development Policies  and Former Assistant Secretary-General– Department of Sustainable economic development & Trade; Organisation of ACP States

The second panel highlights that the African Diaspora input in the development of Africa is more than just remittance . We have speakers from the African Diaspora with projects in the agrofood sector. The speakers are;

Mr Steve Ebhota, Managing Director  Esan farmers Cooperatives Nigeria

Mr Doli Nakwalekwenale, Co- Founder  Chakula Belgium

Ms. Thioro Diarra Toure, Co-Founder Reine Cabosse Senegal

 Ms Anto Cocagne, Founder ‘We Eat Africa’ France

The third panel focuses on the support and resources that can help African Diaspora entrepreneurs build successful businesses. The speakers are;

Ms.  Ayélé Sikavi Gabiam, Co-Founder & Director of Partnerships, LadyAgri Impact Investment

Ms. Grace Camara, Founder of RemitFund

Mr Stefan Moritz, Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME

Dr. Jan Van Seghbroeck, Attaché - Expert imports – Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain Belgium

The final panel provides insight into researches and innovations that are useful for African agrofood sector. The speakers are ;

Dr. Christy van Beek, Director AgroCares and SoilCares Foundation

Mr. Frank Annor, Postdoctoral Researcher Delft University of Technology   Netherlands, CEO of TAHMO and  lecturer Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

 Ms. Hannah Vandewiele, Aquaphonics Project Benin


rtbf interview helping hand                                                          Picture credit @Regina Mukondola


In April 2020 we launched an online appeal for food donations to help us support the African students affected by the Covid -19 lockdown. People especially those from the African diaspora community responded to this appeal by donating not just food but also money to pay for food items.  The project achieved its goals with the support of our partners including especially those  active in the regions with African students such as Kwabre Ne Sekyere Belgium, Mfantesman vzw, Kente FM, Sankaa vzw, United Zambians in Belgium (UZB), Vocals for Christ vzw, Chakula asbl  and Igbo women organization vzw.

For the first phase of this intervention, we  received a total of 970 euros in donations from 24 individuals resident in Belgium. Food donations were also received from individuals and organizations. However, the support that made a huge difference to this campaign was the subsidy of 10,000 euros received from the Roi Boudwijn Foundation Belgium. All these enabled us to expand the reach of this covid-19 intervention.

To insure an effective process, we had volunteer coordinators overseeing  the distribution of the food donations in different cities. This initiative was a success because of the dedication of these local coordinators too. The following volunteered as coordinators for the project -

 Brussel: Regina Mukondola,  Theo Opoku and Erasmus Dazie (student)
Leuven: Dennis MensahHasselt : Amanda Lazmon and Henry Ojo-Kolawole (student)
Leuven La Neuve, Mons, Namur and Charleroi :  Aluba Kalu and Juliette Nijimbre
Gent: Fynn Dodo,  Diana D Anthony and Blaise Beme (Student)

Antwerp : Elisabeth Severino Fernandes

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Upcoming Events

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The Helping Hand Project

In collaboration with Kwabre Ne Sekyere Belgium,Mfantesman vzw,Voice of Women International, Kente FM and other African organizations, we are organizing "The Helping Hand project",is an action started in 2016, aimed at feeding the homeless in the Brussels area. We are in need of volunteers to help with the cooking, packing and distribution of food to the homeless and needy. We are also still looking for sponsors for this project. We do not accept funds but prefer sponsorship in the form of donations of desired food items, food packaging materials. if you are interested in giving a helping hand, contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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