Free registration is now open for the 6th African Diaspora Agrofood Forum - which will be held at ‘Salle des milices, Grand Place’ Brussels Belgium, from 21st to 22nd of October 2022.

This annual forum is the gathering of African Diaspora entrepreneurs, policymakers and experts in the African agrofood sector.

if you want to understand the latest trends in African Diaspora entrepreneurship and the potentials or available resources  for growth in the sector, you will find this event interesting and motivating.
Organized by the Food Bridge vzw in partnership with Meise Botanic Gardens, Sankaa vzw, COLEACP, FAO, ADEPT-Platform, and other partners. This 6th edition is hosted by the office of Ms  Lydia Mutyebele Ngoi, alderman of Brussels city government Belgium(Cabinet de l’Echevine/ Kabinet van de Schepen).

Registration - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/6th-african-diaspora-agrofood-forum-tickets-330591166077


Introduction African Diaspora Agrofood Forum


2022 African Diaspora Agrofood Forum

Theme : Investment, Trade and Transformative Development



The role of African Diasporas in the development of Africa and their countries of residence is gaining more recognition from governments, international agencies and global organizations. Yet more still needs to be done in terms of funding and trade, which are important tools for success.

Diaspora entrepreneurs although unique achievers , still find themselves in an economic grey area. They are unique in the sense that they have no dedicated framework for support from Africa or the international resources managers such as global agencies, financial institutions and even NGOs .

With the world still struggling to ameliorate the impact of the covid pandemic on the global economy, Africa needs the input of all stakeholders to help the continent build it’s already fragile economy and strengthen the socio-economic development of its people especially in rural areas.

With a huge population of youths, the envisioned growth of Africa’s economy needs to be fast tracked with the implementation of policies that give more support to entrepreneurs and the private sector. African diaspora agrofood entrepreneurs have been working hard across the continent to continue the diasporas positive impact on the economies of their home countries and also the resident countries. Their investment of personal funds in the private sector beyond the usual remittances is a development that needs more recognition and support. Favorable policies by governments, accessibility of funds from financial institutions and ability to trade in favourable conditions in international markets, are a necessity to encourage a continuous inflow of African diaspora expertise and projects.



The complex developmental challenges of Africa was further complicated by the global covid pandemic. The resilience of the African entrepreneurs in the face of this global challenge, highlights the need to focus on creating robust frameworks and links for sustainable economic growth.

Many of the African Diaspora entrepreneurs’ projects offer economic and social benefits across different African countries and beyond. In recognition of how strong economic links through investment and trade can lead to verifiable transformative development in Africa, for this 6th edition, we will also have the input of African diaspora entrepreneurs of the Caribbean states.

The objective for this 6th African Diaspora Agrofood Forum is to build on the achievement of previous editions especially in view of the challenges of the past years. Highlighting the potentials of African diaspora entrepreneurs and providing a platform for beneficial exchanges and discussions creates the right synergy for attracting investments, accessing new markets and expanding the roles of African diasporas as development actors.

Speaking about potentials without proof is not enough, thus the second day is dedicated to showing the different food products by entrepreneurs from the African diaspora. The aim is to provide an opportunity for the wider public to learn more about African food products and how to use them too.

For this 6th edition, we will have speakers and experts from government agencies, institutions and international organizations with the ability to facilitate the necessary access to investments and trade which is a key tool for transformative development in Africa.

During this event we will be presenting the first edition of a compendium of African Diaspora agrofood entrepreneurs, published in collaboration with COLEACP.

There will also be an African Diaspora Agrofood Entrepreneur of the year award, in recognition of worthy contributions in the agrofood sector.

For more information, sponsorship or partnership

Contact: info@thefoodbridge.org




African Diaspora Agrofood Exhibition


African Diaspora Agrofood Exhibition

The second day of the 6th African Diaspora Agrofood Forum, will be for the annual agrofood exhibition in the center of Brussels Belgium.

This is an opportunity for African Diaspora entrepreneurs to showcase their projects and products to the public. Entrance to the event is free for members of the public, thus providing opportunities for new markets and growth in your business.

Registration is 50 euros

  • Members of the African Diaspora agrofood entrepreneurs platform - 15euros
  • Free refreshment
  • Registration closes 12th of October 2022

We offer exhibition stands at a reduced price, thanks to the support of the city of Brussels and the office of Ms Lydia Mutyebele Ngoi, alderman of Brussels city government Belgium(Cabinet de l’Echevine/ Kabinet van de Schepen).

For exhibition inquiries : info@thefoodbridge.org or diasporaprojet@gmail.com