Through the Link-up platform we bring together individuals, projects and organizations, working in the agro food sector.  We create opportunities and facilitate connections that promote  socially impactful development in Africa. Our aim is to insure entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, institutions, organizations and SMEs have access to useful contacts that will help them achieve their set goals. You will find below some potential link-up opportunities with projects or individuals that may benefit from your collaborations, partnerships, funding and other resources. All the people included here, have verifiable projects and expertise.


Founded by Sandrine  Vasselin, MISAO is a Belgian start-up with African roots  specializing in the search and production of high quality spices and dry agri-food products, originating from exceptional terroirs in Central Africa.

Since 2015, the MISAO team has been working to highlight some of the quality agri-food products offered by the Kivu region.  Wild Kivu Pepper, an exceptional pepper with very subtle aromas, picked and selected in a traditional way, and dried using the unique method developed by Misao which combines ancestral tradition, respect for the environment and the product.


As a start-up, synergies with other actors along the chain is key for success.

As a diaspora-led company, the challenge is to be able to operate in the European context and  in/with the country(ies) of origin.

they have an understanding of the local system, challenges, limits, ways of negotiating, operating,

They are creative and can adapt  to the African or European environment .

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Tamneere in Moore (local language of Burkina) means the beautiful shea. Since 2011, Tamneere has been striving to provide consumers with healthy products produced by women in the strictest traditional method. The aim of Tamneere is to give proper income to rural women, by supporting them to produce and process natural products such as shea butter, groundnut, sesame, hibiscus and organic vegetables. Everything is produced and processed in Guillé, with a guarantee of quality, because they select the best to offer you a high quality product.The aim is to assist these women to recover their food sovereignty and be economically empowered.
Tamneere’s slogan is “no compromise” with the quality and the traceability, no chemicals only “Natural”. Tamneere is now a good example for the promotion of local products. The organization and workers put all effort into being great ambassadors of the natural African food. 

For more details send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit

Ms. Pamela Anyoti Peronaci is a small business coach, who helps young entrepreneurs establish and run successful agribusinesses – with a focus on doing business in and with Africa. She graduated in Political Science and International Law and later earned her MSc in Agricultural Economics from the University of London, Wye College (now Imperial College).

She is a Founding Partner of Sunshine Agro Products . Pamela is also the owner and CEO of Asante Mama  brand, which won the 2017 Eco Excellence Awards in the USA as ‘Most Socially Responsible’ Brand and more recently in 2019, the African Diaspora Network awarded her with ‘Impact and Innovation’ award as a builder of Africa’s Future. Her range of products under this brand name are distributed internationally.

Ms Anyoti Peronaci  was the first Fellow of African Diaspora Network to Skoll Foundation Forum. She is a Social Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in both Agricultural Policy and International Trade. After several years working for the  FAO Development Cooperation Department in Rome, she established her own Social Enterprise in Uganda where she currently engages a network of over 11,000 poor farm families in ‘agriculture as a business’.

Today Pamela offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching and mentoring, to seminars and keynote speeches. To contact Pamela, please visit her website or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pape is a young dynamic African advocating for the development of the agro food sector through social entrepreneurship. In June 2013, he won the SASACID Challenge Innovation Agribusiness competition in collaboration with the Project, Insertion and Innovation Department of UGB, thus  opening the door of entrepreneurship opportunities. He also became a Fellow of the Promise Senegal program of Synapse Center and Young Farmers in November of 2013

Pape is a founding member of a dynamic agri-hub in west Africa called Yeesal, a Wolof term meaning ‘Innovate or (where to) Renovate’. The objectives of  Yeesal are –

Finding  innovative ICT solutions for the problems which the rural world is confronted with every day.

Train and sensitive  young people on agricultural entrepreneurship

Facilitate access to information and opportunities needed to support the farming sector

Some of their projects are –

  • Agripreneur in Action
  • Broadcasting of agricultural information and training of young people
  • 40 young people coming from Thiès and Dakar trained in one year
  • ONER: National Monitoring Observatory of the Rural Employment
  • Platform dedicated to working on the theme of decent rural employment
  • SENAG: " succeed in Senegal " 200 young people trained on employment skills needed in the agricultural value chain to reduce unemployment

Contact : Pape Ousmane Ndiaye - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Solidev’s work is in the Kivu Lake  and the volcanic highlands of the Western province in Rwanda. They work with local  farmers that have  small lands, low investment but  great will power, to create micro enterprises with  innovative business model. Thus helping them produce delicious, nutritious and competitive food that generates decent jobs and income.

Their projects include :

  • Branding agricultural waste (“Mushrooms on coffee pulps” by family farms)
  • Preserving the local robust and delicious plant and livestock varieties. (“The goose that lays golden eggs” poultry family farms)
  • Adding value to the food chain by processing and commercialization (Le Moulin du village)
  • And non-stop weekly saving/micro credit in Mutualité Ifeza at the village.

ADAN’s mandate is to promote and enhance the quality of teaching and research in faculties of agriculture in Nigerian universities. The focus is geared towards the production of agriculture graduates that will be equipped with skills for self-reliance and to also contribute to the growth of the Nigerian agricultural sector through good quality research.

ADAN has about 45 members who are deans (i.e. Heads of Faculties) of the different Faculties of Agriculture in Nigeria. Through the respective deans, all faculty members connect and participate in ADAN programmes and projects. With this, the expertise and research interest of ADAN is in all fields of Agriculture.

All ADAN members have different projects going on in their Faculties. As a body, ADAN is currently collaborating with USAID on two projects, which are (1) post-harvest loss reduction and (2) food safety policy.

Contact : Professor Olanrewaju Bamikole - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Associate Professor of "traditional medicine"  at the University of Kisangani (UNIKIS) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Bio-Medical – DRC. Her work focuses on a  scientific and pragmatic approach to the contribution of traditional medicine in modern medicine and reflections on the integration of traditional medicine into the health care system in DRCongo.

She is also a researcher and advocate for the optimization of the  African indigenous food plants’s health, economic and social values.

Professor Dr  Helen Mavar - hThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Dr Nvenakeng Suzanne Awung holds a PhD from the University of York, Britain, a BSc. in Chemistry and Chemical Process Technology from the University of Buea - Cameroon (1998); MSc. in Human Ecology and Sustainable Development (2005) and Advanced MSc. in Environmental Coordinator ‘A’ (2009) from Free University Brussels.

Her research interest is focused on assessing local communities’ involvement in the design, implementation and monitoring of the Mount Cameroon National Park REDD+ conservation  project.

‘The Forgotten Green Heroes’ is non-governmental organization which seeks to build capacity among the local forest communities and indigenous people in Cameroon. This enables them  to better engage in decision making on issues that involved them such as  improving  and safeguarding  the livelihood, well-being, and culture of the people living in and from the forest .

She is also the founder of Suzy – farms cooperation located in Beau Cameroon. She not only runs this integrated organic farm but also trains local farmers on sustainable farming methods and helps them access profitable markets for their produce.

Dr Suzanne Awung - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Women And Children Life Advancement Initiative is a non-profit organization based in Katsina State of north west Nigeria. The  membership are  mostly grassroot women and farmers.

Their  main areas of focus are:-

Environment, Education, Economic Empowerment, Health, Children and Women. It is an NGO with  no religious bias, although majority of the members are indigenous Christians, who are marginalized because of their faith.

The organization collaborates and partners  with individuals, organisations  and state government on various projects targeting  the grassroots communities. The services they render include but are not limited to : animation, mobilization, awareness and sensitization campaign, monitoring of projects, capacity building training for women farmers, who  they helped form  co-operative association, registered with the government.

Economic Empowerment

They have accessed – Agricultural Guaranteed Credit Scheme (AGCS) Loan which they  recorded 100% repayment. The Central Bank of Nigeria Katsina Branch paid them, Interest Draw Back as signed in the terms of agreement. Katsina State Agricultural Development Authority (KTARDA) and the Division of Co-operation Society, Ministry of Agriculture are stakeholders to this scheme and can testify.

To boast their projects in the farming sector, they also accessed loan from Oceanic Bank Plc (now Eco Bank) on “Help me grow” scheme and recorded 100% repayment.

 Awareness and Sensitization campaigns

Sensitizing rural women to use energy saving stove to reduce felling of trees and fight against climate change.

Proactively holding awareness campaigns on dangers of Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).

Capacity building - training rural farmers on agricultural practices, accessing of Loan etc.

Environment  - Tree planting and nurturing , which is very important because Katsina state lies in the arid zone close to the desert

They  also insert health, education other issues in their work because the plight of the rural women are enormous.

GLORIA M. OKON (President) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.