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Tamneere in Moore (local language of Burkina) means the beautiful shea. Since 2011, Tamneere has been striving to provide consumers with healthy products produced by women in the strictest traditional method. The aim of Tamneere is to give proper income to rural women, by supporting them to produce and process natural products such as shea butter, groundnut, sesame, hibiscus and organic vegetables. Everything is produced and processed in Guillé, with a guarantee of quality, because they select the best to offer you a high quality product.The aim is to assist these women to recover their food sovereignty and be economically empowered.
Tamneere’s slogan is “no compromise” with the quality and the traceability, no chemicals only “Natural”. Tamneere is now a good example for the promotion of local products. The organization and workers put all effort into being great ambassadors of the natural African food. 

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