Our Story

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2014 in Brussels Belgium. Our work highlights the often neglected potentials of food cultures in building bridges between people and across communities; as a viable development tool with economic, social and nutritional values. 

Access to sustainable agriculture and aquaculture is a necessity for a dynamic food culture, so we engage in actions that will help build a sustainable foodsystem. However, we operate from the point of view that people should have sovereignty over their food system. 


Our Aim

An overaching theme in our work, is highlighting and promoting the African Diaspora input in the agrofood sector in Africa and Europe. We focus on projects that address Sustainable Development Goals numbers 1 No Poverty, 2 Zero Hunger and  some aspects of SDG 5, 8,11,12, 13  with number 17 Partnerships to achieve the Goals as the bedrock of our work.

We initiate and support different projects wherever we think they are relevant to the people and society, be it in the developed or developing countries. We continously affirm our strong belief that food cultures are important in the development discourse by engaging in actions and advocacies for –

  • Indigenous food systems and cultures
  • Agrofood Entrepreneurship
  • Research and Education
  • Food Security

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