Who we are
We are a non-profit organization highlighting  the often neglected potential of food as a tool for building bridges between people and across cultures. In a world that is getting more divided by politics and religion, many dwell on the things that divide us, rather than what can bring us together. Food is an important mark of identity, a means of building relationships among individuals and groups, but it can also be a means of reaching out to others outside our political, religious, cultural and social boundaries. Eating food from another society opens up to you, a means of understanding an aspect of their culture, norms and beliefs. As the popular saying goes 'you are what you eat’, so when you eat from another society, you, (even for just a moment) become one with them. Eating together can build friendship which enables understanding and a much more harmonious society. Many people know about the negative politics and religions of different nations, but tend to take the impact of their food culture for granted. Yet, people willingly eat from cultures that they do not accept their politics or religion. This indeed portrays the power of food.

Our Aim

The Food Bridge is focused on the promotion of food cultures, not just as an avenue for sharing communal experience but also as a viable development tool. Since access to sustainable agriculture and aquaculture is a necessity for a dynamic food culture, we also engage in actions that focus on food security and hunger.However, we operate from the point of view that people should have sovereignty over their food, which grants them the right to determine and protect their food production system. From food production to consumption is a linked chain of processes, all of which are influenced by the food culture present in the locality. Our aim is to highlight this important role of our food cultures especially for policy makers.

We initiate and support different projects wherever we think they are relevant to the people and society, be it in the developed or developing countries. In promoting food cultures, we continously affirm our strong belief that food cultures are important in the development discourse by engaging in food advocacy that insure –

  • Access to acceptable and nutritious food
  • Sharing of food based knowledge and research
  • Equitable access to acceptable and indigenous food
  • Preservation of indigenous food knowledge in our global food system
  • Preservation and responsible use of food


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