Through the Link-up platform we bring together individuals, projects and organizations, working in the agro food sector.  We create opportunities and facilitate connections that promote  socially impactful development in Africa. Our aim is to insure entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists, institutions, organizations and SMEs have access to useful contacts that will help them achieve their set goals. You will find below some potential link-up opportunities with projects or individuals that may benefit from your collaborations, partnerships, funding and other resources. All the people included here, have verifiable projects and expertise.

Associate Professor of "traditional medicine"  at the University of Kisangani (UNIKIS) Faculty of Medicine, Department of Bio-Medical – DRC. Her work focuses on a  scientific and pragmatic approach to the contribution of traditional medicine in modern medicine and reflections on the integration of traditional medicine into the health care system in DRCongo.

She is also a researcher and advocate for the optimization of the  African indigenous food plants’s health, economic and social values.

Professor Dr  Helen Mavar - hThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.