Food is an important aspect of all cultures in the world. This project is a collaboration between The Food Bridge vzw and the BigPicnic project of the botanic garden Meise Belgium. This is in support of the Bigpicnic's focus on an intercultural expedition on food and food preferences. For example what is the prefered food of the average Nigerian? What crops play a major role in the Indian, Nicaraguan or Ugandan cuisine? How can research on these crops contribute to more food security?

Thus we plan special visits to the Botanic Garden with groups from different nationalities, During these visits, the participants share their knowledge and the relevance of the plants in their culture. These visits show the commonalities and differences in the food cultures with regards to the use of the food crops. We also aim to link the researchers and gardeners that work at the garden to ordinary people who can benefit from their knowledge.

As part of this project, we work hard to put a human face to the research of the experts, thus highlighting further the relevance of their work. We have also started a project on food memories, which led to the production of a short film. We intend to expand this to include different nationalities and later have an exhibition of the films. If you or your organization want to be part of this project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


African Diaspora Projects Initiative

The aim of this initiative is to give members of the African Diaspora with social entrepreneurial ideas and projects, an opportunity to pitch these to a team of experts from Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs vzw.

The African Entrepreneurs get 7 minutes in the first phase to present their ideas or projects. Each participant during registration indicates: the name of the project, the sector of activity and where in Africa this project will be based. We also request a one page synopsis of the project, with information clearly stating the expected social impact of the project in Africa, the viability and potential for profit in 3 years and lastly, the required financial investment. 

Selected projects could get investment of between 5,000€ and 100,000€. Although the focus is on agro-food projects, other projects in affiliated sectors such as transportation, waste management, energy, technology, etc. Are also covered in this initiative.  The next session will be in January with a focus on innovative and sustainable energy.