Subsidized by the Equal opportunity unit of the Belgian ministry of Justice, the Humanitas project is an initiative of the Food Bridge vzw in collaboration with Sankaa vzw, Centrum voor Agrarische Geschiedenis, Nihao Leuven, Huis van Alijn, Igbo women Organization Belgium, Red star line museum and other partners.

The Humanitas project brings together women from different racial and cultural backgrounds to discuss the important circles of life through  food (such as marriage, child birth, funerals).

Our goal is to build bridges of trust, respect and understanding between communities and cultures. To achieve this, we chose a demographic that is very important in building the foundations of families and communities: women!

We believed that involving women who play a very important role in people's lives(especially children's lives)in this project, would create a positive environment for discovering the common values of our humanity, foster more connections between communities and provide a different lens through which we can view diversity in Belgium.

Discussions about racism are often about migration, despite the fact that it is migration of people and food that has helped build the nations of the world.
So instead of being afraid of our differences, this project encouraged people to look at it, understand what they have in common and create a positive and shared story together.