The 2019 African Diaspora Agrofood forum from 13th to 14th September at the Bouchout Castle Meise. Organized by the Food Bridge in collaboration with Meise Botanic Garden and FAAB vzw, this edition attracted diplomats, policymakers, scientists, investors and African Diaspora Agrofood entrepreneurs.

Some of the dignatiries include His Excellency Mr. Ahmed INUSA, Nigerian Ambassador to Belgium, His Excellency Mr. Samuel Tamba MUSA, Sierre Leone Ambassador to Belgium, Dr Maximin Emagna, Expert private sector representing the African, Caribbean, and Pacific Group of states secretariate, Belgium, Latifa Aït-Baala of the Brussels parliament. We also had speakers fron the FAO, Coleacp, Meise Botanic Garden and African Diaspora agrofood entrepreneurs.