The second phase of the Food Heritage Project in north central Nigeria has been completed. Not only do we have farmers growing more indigenous crops, we have helped them realize that crops can be grown without chemicals. However, using manual labour for weeding instead of using a bottle of chemical herbicides costing a fraction of what labourers are paid, seem incomprehensible to some of the farmers. They had to learn that with many consumers demanding for organic food crops, there is a growing market for their products.

Although harvesting of most crops will commence end of December 2020, we already have buyers waiting for the products. In 2021 we plan to expand the network of farmers involved in this project. There are farmers now that will plant different types  of beans, cocoyam, millet and fonio. By February 2021 we will have a full list of farmers and their products.

The rural farmers in the Food Heritage Project’s network, do not have access to funds from government agencies, banks or development agencies. Thus to continue supporting these farmers, while we also train them to be good and successful agrofood entrepreneurs, we are launching an appeal for sponsors for the farmers.

Working with the current plan for each farming season, a farmer will need a sponsorship of 200 euros(or 95 thousand Naira) for an acre with 3 at least different crops (or varieties), seedlings, labour and logistics. Sponsors can choose the farmer they want to support or the crops. Sponsors get 30 percent of the harvest, which they can use or donate to a good cause.

Sponsors can also donate old useable mobile phones to the farmers. Prior to the covid-19 pandemic, we started a campaign to collect old phones for the farmers. With Covid restrictions, mobile phones became more important for the farmers, not just for communication but also for trainings and  accessing support when needed.

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