De Vlaamse Smaakverkenning Projec

The Food Bridge in collaboration with Sankaa vzw, GC Nekkersdal and other partners, is starting a new project in May 2023. 'Vlaams Smaakverkening' focuses on exploring the Flemish food heritage with women and young children, from underprivileged families and communities.

Many people from underprivileged communities, have limited resources to go on vacation. When some manage to go on vacation, they do not have enough resources to participate in cultural activities focusing on food cultures and heritage. The Food Heritage  and culture of a people,  can help one understand who they are, their history, beliefs and values.

Since food can be a key tool for creating intercultural knowledge, our aim is to offer these women and children (many of who are of migrant origin), the opportunity to have a better  understanding of the Flemish culture, history and tradition through  food.

This project is not just for playful activities. There is an important connection between people's food cultures and their sense of identity. Therefore, it is important to help those from diasadvantaged communities, understand and appreciate Flemish food and cultural heritage. The knowledge and social interaction,will also  further validate their place as members of the Flemish community.

All the activities of this project will be in Dutch and the project is subsidized by  'De Warmeste Week' funds