Dr Maureen Duru, Founder / Director of the Food Bridge vzw was the guest speaker at Business Breakfast Podcast an initiative of the Business studies department of Arteveld University Gent. The session focused on the university’s research project on African Diaspora Entrepreneurs in Belgium. The research confirmed again some of the major challenges always highlighted by our organization especially access to resources and support for African Diaspora Entrepreneurship.

A very important point raise by one of the researchers Dr Marie Gildemyn is the lack of African Diasporas on the boards or as staff of organizations supposedly supporting entrepreneurship for Africans. Many of the decision making processes by agencies have little or no input from African Diasporas too. However, the potentials of African Diasporas as development agents and innovators in the African private sector is evident.  To read more about the research by Arteveld university , here is the link - https://www.artevelde-uas.be/projecten/african-diaspora-starting-africa-mapping-start-ecosystem-and-needs-among-african-diaspora