For generations ‘Home Gardens’ close to the homesteads in rural areas have contributed to the food security of families. With covid 19 pandemic, the food security of many in developing countries are impacted by the fluctuation of food prices, man-made food scarcities and economic downturns. Those living in rural areas are most affected by these challenges due to their limited economic resources. Thus we are working with women in rural areas this planting season, to expand their home gardens with more  diverse  vegetables that will  boast the diet of their families especially children. This project starts in Abia and Imo States of Nigeria and will expand to other regions.

We will work with women in rural women associations to establish extended  home gardens in their localities. Bearing in mind the challenges lack of access to land pose to women, we will liaise with local traditional and governmental authorities, to lease communal lands for specified number of years as extended home gardens . Women from each participating association will be allocated land to  plant nutritious vegetables.

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