Feminism in the Kitchen

Feminism in the Kitchen

Feminism in the Kitchen is an intergenerational dialogue in celebration of the Women's Rights Week in Brussels. The event will be held at GC Nekkersdal in Brussels from 6 to 9pm; with networking drinks after the event.

The goal of this event is to use food and cuisine to explore perceptions of feminism among African diaspora women. We will have an intergenerational discussion with women from different diasporic communities, to explore their perceptions of feminism, its meaning and the difference in perception in their countries of origin and in their communities in Belgium.
We also want to understand how tradition dictates the role and image of women in diasporic communities, with regards to their
culinary skills and how that correlates with gender roles and the validation of women.

With many women from African diaspora communities coming from countries where the kitchen is
considered a women's space or place, the main points the dialoguenwill focus on ickude -

  • Given the importance of the kitchen in African homes, does African kitchens have a place for
  • Does a woman’s role in the kitchen determine whether or not she is a feminist?
  • In many African traditional communities, women who are independent or have used their culinary
    skills to exert some influence over their husbands and other men in their lives, are not seen as
    positive influences. So how do women navigate what seems like paradoxical culinary
  •  Living in a more open society like Belgium, what is the perception about the place of women in the kitchen 
    through the generations
  • What aspects of traditional beliefs about women are still upheld and how do the new generation of
     women of African descent, see their place in the kitchen and also their definition of feminism as African women.

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