Chefs of Diversity

Chefs of Diversity

The kitchen is a learning space, so an inclusive kitchen that lets in diversity, offers insight into broader issues in the food system such as sustainability, biodiversity, hunger, food waste climate change, deforestation and many others.

The project will kick off with a hybrid discussion panel with innovative chefs of migrant origin working in Belgium. The session will be open to the public. The Chefs will discuss their journey through the Belgian horeca sector, their achievements, what worked for them and also the challenges. Of interest is how their work has been influenced by their background; if there is a place for input from ethnic food cultures in  European cooking methods to create something new - a fusion cuisine. They will also be discussed how their work addresses some of the social challenges in the country and in the global food system.

Following the panel discussion, there will be two sessions of cooking classes with 10 registered participants in each class. The goal is for the chefs to educate and inspire people with recipes for healthy and sustainable consumption. This will also help to broaden the culinary horizons of the participants, showing them how to use some of the available but unknown healthy ingredients that are on sale in Brussels stores, can be used.

This cooking portion will be followed by a session of world music and a multicultural six-course banquet prepared by immigrant chefs and cooks.

This event is an initiative of the Food Bridge vzw funded by the International solidarity Depertment of the city of Brussels Belgium

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Event Date 26-11-2022
Event End Date 26-11-2022
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Location GC Nekersdal
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